Today’s reading: Ephesians 6:10-20

After instructing us to put on the whole armor of God, Paul then describes the components of this armor followed by the charge to pray at all times in the Spirit. As I thought about each of the pieces of this armor, the significance of the Bible was prominent. Paul specifically highlights and singles out God’s Word as the sword of the spirit, but the Bible is also foundational to each of the other pieces of our spiritual armor. (Belt–we learn God’s truth by taking in His Word. Breastplate–we’re guided and empowered to live rightly from what we learn from God’s Word. Shoes–It’s through God’s Word that we are equipped and ready to move forward as we serve. Shield–God’s Word helps us develop and maintain faith. Helmet–the message of salvation, and thus our hope, comes through God’s Word.)

So taking in God’s Word and praying are essential and necessary for suiting up with the whole armor of God.

How intentional are you about engaging God’s Word (reading, reflecting on and putting it into practice)? What about praying? Is it your habit to “pray at all times”? Why are these two things essential to us as Christ-followers?


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Source: Tami’s Blog