Today’s reading: Acts 14:1-28

One of the things I like about Acts is the historical detail it provides about the spread of the Gospel message. In Acts 14, Paul and Barnabus continue traveling to different areas teaching about Jesus and forgiveness of sins. The responses they receive from the Jews are consistent with what they’ve experienced elsewhere. With the Gentiles, however, things are quite different. Through Paul’s and Barnabus’ preaching, they are being introduced to the one true God and learning for the first time about Jesus coming to earth as Savior. So it’s not surprising that when Paul heals a man who has been crippled from birth, the Gentiles jump to the wrong conclusion that Paul and Barnabus are “gods” (as they understand them) and they try to worship them.

What stood out to me from this account was the strong, God-focused response of Paul and Barnabus. Opportunities to be elevated to positions of fame and power, and even for monetary gain were all present. Yet, neither man gave in to temptation. They immediately turned the spotlight on the “living God” and used the situation to further preach about God’s love and offer of salvation.

How will this account help you be better prepared as you talk with others about God’s love and salvation through Jesus? What’s one thing you learned or noticed about responding to temptation from Paul and Barnabus? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog