Today’s reading: 2 Timothy 4:9-22

As human beings, God designed us to function at our best when we’re in relationship with others. And having close relationships beyond our immediate family is especially important for us as followers of Christ. Paul certainly knew this, as evidenced by the list of people he references in 2 Timothy 4 (and in other Books as well). There’s no doubt in my mind that Paul valued relationships and was a proactive relationship builder.

Relationships and people are important to me too. So I look for opportunities to get together with others–socially, in Bible study groups, through retreats, you name it–if other people are involved, I’ll be there. I’m currently part of a women’s Bible study group that meets weekly on Thursday night. I have to say, Thursday nights are my most favorite night of the week because I get to spend time with this group of women. One of the wonderful things about our group is how it provides an interactive support system for each of us. On the nights we meet and the days in between we are encouraging each other face-to-face, as well as through Facebook, emails, texts and phone calls. We’re praying for each other, lending a helping hand where needed, meeting for coffee or lunch when someone needs extra support and encouragement. These women have become a part of my life in a significant way, and I love each of them dearly.

Do you have a “support system” or network of Christian friends and family with whom you regularly interact? Why is having Christian friends so important? What benefits have you experienced from having Christian friends and also being one to others? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog