Today’s reading: Genesis 22:1-24

Genesis 22 contains one of the most significant accounts in the Old Testament. In it, we find the recorded story of God’s testing Abraham by asking him to sacrifice his cherished and only son, Isaac. This chapter is rich with lessons and foreshadows God’s plan of salvation through Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins which would take place hundreds of years later.

There’s no doubt that Abraham was a godly man. Even so, God still tested Abraham by asking him to give up the one thing he treasured most–his only son Isaac. I can only imagine the horrific feeling that must have come over Abraham when God instructed him to sacrifice Isaac. My heart aches just by reading this account, and I’m fairly certain Abraham’s heart was breaking inside of him. Yet he responded obediently, loading up his donkey the very next morning to do as he was charged. The verse that impacted me most in this chapter was verse 8 where Abraham’s response to Isaac’s questioning about the whereabouts of the lamb to be sacrificed reveals Abraham’s absolute trust in God as being sovereign and having the ultimate and best plan.

What is the one earthly thing that you cherish the most? Is it a person, something you own, your image, your job title, something else? If God asked you to give up that most treasured thing, how do you think you would respond, and why? How does (how has) going through testing, impact (impacted) your spiritual life? Tami

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Source: Tami’s Blog