Today’s reading: Joshua 14:6-12

I LOVE Caleb because of what he shows us about serving the Lord. You’d never know that he was eighty-five years old from his attitude and actions, and his example is one that I want to follow. The older I get—and particularly now that I’m in my fifties—it’s all too easy to buy into the message of the masses that once you hit a certain age (whatever that age is), you’re outdated or not as desirable as you once were on a number of fronts. It’s not true, and it’s especially false when it comes to our spiritual life. As long as we’re still drawing breath, God has a purpose for us.

Caleb knew this and he lived it—from a young age all the way to eighty-five and beyond! He was spunky, energetic, and full of enthusiasm for wholeheartedly living out his life in service to the Lord. Thank you, God, for giving us Caleb’s example to encourage and inspire us. Help us be modern day Calebs.

What does Caleb’s example show about serving the Lord no matter our age? How did Caleb’s trust in God impact his attitude and actions—as a forty-year-old man spying out the land, and as an eighty-five-year-old asking for his inheritance? What does following the Lord “wholeheartedly” mean for you personally? What about Caleb (his actions, words, attitude, beliefs, etc.) stood out to you most from this passage, and why? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog