Today’s reading: Judges 9:1-57

Abimelech, Gideon’s son with one of his servant’s, is the primary figure in Judges 9. He was cunning and ruthless, ensuring his succession as ruler after Gideon by murdering every one of his brothers that he could get his hands on (70 brothers except for one, Jotham the youngest, who hid when the killing was taking place). Abimelech was not a God-fearing or God-following man. Rather, his god was power. Abimelech was all about elevating himself and being in control. His thirst for power ruled his thinking and actions and ultimately brought about the senseless end of his life.

When or in what situation(s) are you most tempted to abuse the power you have (whatever power that is, since we all have some)? How do you guard against the pull of power? Who do you know who handles power and being in authority well? How do they differ from Abimelech? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog