Today’s reading: James 1-5

Whenever we finish working through a Book on P4, I always like to look back and think about one or two key points that God impressed on my heart through the time I’ve spent with Him in in His Word. With James being such an instructive Book, there were certainly plenty of things to take note of. I’m always drawn to James’ wise teaching on keeping our words in check, but this time through James, what spoke the loudest to me was the command to be a doer of God’s Word paired with James’ teaching on being patient in trials. Taken together these two teachings encouraged and reinforced for me how I need to continue being a “doer” regardless of the circumstances taking place around me.

What did God impress on your heart as you read through James? Was there a particular verse or passage that you found helpful, and why? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog