Today’s reading: 2 Chronicles 33:10-20; 2 Kings 21:10-18

There’s no question that Manasseh’s heart was full of sin. He was prideful and arrogant, and was determined to run his life without God. But Manasseh’s sinful actions and his rejecting of God, didn’t deter God from pursuing him. Using extreme and difficult circumstances, God got Manasseh’s attention. And when Manasseh finally humbled himself and cried out to God for forgiveness, God responded wholeheartedly, even restoring him to leadership in Jerusalem. A pretty remarkable outcome for someone who was so far from God.

What does God’s pursuit of Manasseh, and His willingness to forgive him, reveal about God? What does Manasseh’s story show us about God’s view of, and love for, people—especially those we might consider too far gone to be reached by God? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog