Today’s reading: Genesis 29:30-30:24

Jacob’s family life was a mess. As I tried to imagine the environment in his home, the phrase “war zone” came to mind. Conflict, tension, contempt, unrest and a spirit of competitiveness were prevalent all because of Leah’s and Rachel’s jealousy toward each other. And as time goes on and those jealous feelings are left unaddressed, the situation only gets worse. It’s a dysfunctional and toxic environment that results in damage to everyone in the household. And as we’ll see later in Genesis with the account of Joseph, the tension and conflict passes on to the children.

No one is immune to having jealous feelings, and those feelings can crop up in an instant. How do you guard against acting on your jealous feelings? What helps you rid your mind of jealous thoughts so that they don’t take root? What was the most important lesson about jealousy that you learned from this account? Tami

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