Today’s reading: Psalm 115:1-18

God’s love and faithfulness are evident throughout the verses of Psalm 115. But it was the words of verses 9-11 that drew me in today. God knew exactly what I needed to see, and it was the message that we can and should trust and rely upon Him in ALL circumstances.

We’ve all experienced it at some time or another–we go through a season where what’s going on in our lives doesn’t make sense to us. We’re surrounded by uncertainty, things seem out of control, our situation is less than optimal and we’re wondering and a little fearful that it’s only going to get worse. So I am thankful for how God put Psalm 115 in front of me this weekend to help me stay focused on His goodness, and the fact that every circumstance I encounter is part of His master plan for good.

Do you believe that God is your “help and your shield”? What helps you rely on and trust in God when life’s circumstances seem out of control? Will you join me today in telling God that you trust Him completely? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog