Today’s reading: Acts 4:1-22

In a situation where you’d expect to see Peter and John pulling back–being arrested, detained and interrogated for sharing the Gospel–we see just the opposite. Even during this uncertain and somewhat scary situation, these two “uneducated, common men” (vs. 8), continue to boldly and confidently proclaim the name of Jesus Christ. What I like about this account is that we’re shown so clearly how, as Christ-followers, having the Holy Spirit residing within us empowers us to do things above and beyond what we could ever do in our own strength. Thank you, God, for this reminder that in and through Your power, all things are possible!

Have you ever shied away from telling someone about Christ because you felt like you didn’t know enough? What encouragement did you draw from Peter and John, two uneducated and common men, being able to clearly share the Gospel through the power of the Holy Spirit? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog