Today’s reading: Joshua 2:1-24

Joshua sends two spies to scout out the land across the Jordan. The men are detected as they enter the city of Jericho, but a prostitute named Rahab helps them avoid capture. She tells the spies “I know that the Lord has given you this land,” (vs. 9) and then hides them in her roof in exchange for a guarantee of safety for her and her family when the Israelites attack the city.

The details of the account of the spies sent across the Jordan seem unlikely and unusual to us, but not to God. What a wonderful picture Joshua 2 provides of how God works in and through situations, choosing to use many people, things and circumstances that are out of the ordinary realm for us to accomplish His purposes and provide for and encourage us in the process.

Think back over the past year. What’s one example of God watching over and providing for you in a way you didn’t expect? Who has God used to encourage you in a stressful or difficult situation? Are you in the habit of looking for and recognizing God’s provision or encouragement and then thanking Him for it? Tami

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Source: Tami’s Blog