Today’s reading: Ruth 4:1-12

As we move into Ruth 4, Boaz remains the front and center character of the Book of Ruth. In this chapter, however, what’s taking place is business related, having to do with Boaz redeeming Naomi’s property which would include marrying Ruth in order to carry on the family line of Elimelech.

Once again, I was impressed with the way Boaz chose to approach the situation and how he handled himself throughout the exchange with his senior relative. We know that the underlying purpose of Boaz seeking out this relative was to clear the way for Boaz to redeem and marry Ruth. But rather than letting his relative know his feelings for Ruth and his desire to marry her, Boaz was wise in his approach. He was calm and composed, he wasn’t wordy, and he chose to initiate the transaction by addressing the item he knew his relative would be most interested in–Naomi’s land. Boaz only informed his relative about Ruth when it became necessary, and when that moment came, he was careful to frame the situation in a way that wasn’t particularly attractive to this relative by highlighting the fact that any children of Ruth would share this man’s inheritance with his other children.

What wise business practices did you see Boaz use as he met with his relative and the men of Bethlehem? What was the most important lesson you noticed or learned from either Boaz or his relative, and why? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog