Today’s reading: Esther 5:1-8

After accepting the charge from Mordecai to approach the king about his deadly edict, Esther did some planning. She thought through and considered the situation before her, and the result was a God-directed plan that saved the Jews from annihilation.

Esther’s God-directed plan begins to unfold in verses 1-8, and although we only see a small portion of it at this point, there are a number of lessons and examples for us to draw on in these verses. Two wise actions that drew my attention were:

  • Esther didn’t waste time in hesitation. Once her time of fasting was complete, she took immediate action with her plan; and
  • Esther kept her cool. In the middle of a tense and highly charged situation, Esther kept her emotions to in check. No drama.

What’s one wise action that stood out to you (that Esther did or perhaps refrained from doing) in this touchy and dangerous situation? What did Esther’s example reveal about the wisdom of planning when we find ourselves needing to navigate a difficult situation? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog