Today’s reading: Acts 28:1-10

Paul’s life exemplifies what living for Christ should look like. As we move into this final chapter of Acts, Paul being the “real deal,” once again, stood out prominently to me. No matter what circumstance Paul finds himself in, he is a constant force and witness for God.

  • He is a pillar of reason and strength through the storm and shipwreck;
  • He is diligent to do his part and work physically–gathering wood for the fire;
  • He remains composed and doesn’t respond in panic and fear when bitten by a poisonous snake;
  • He offers encouragement to those around him;
  • He extends God’s love and kindness to ALL who were in need of healing on Malta;
  • And although the text doesn’t specifically tell us, I think it’s safe to assume that Christ was highlighted and the Gospel message was shared as Paul healed the sick and lived among the residents of Malta.

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being weak and 10 strong) where would you rate yourself when it comes to being a witness for Christ, and why? Would those who are around you the most use the phrase “a constant force for God” to describe you? What’s one thing or area you can work on to help you be a stronger and even more constant witness for Christ? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog