Today’s reading: 2 Kings 15:8-31

While Azariah’s long tenure as king of Judah continues and then comes to its end, Israel goes through a number of shorter-lived kings, none of whom were committed to God. They were all ungodly, demonstrated by their thinking and acting in evil and barbaric ways. It’s really quite a sad picture, as well as a sad time, for Israel.

My tendency as I took in these accounts was to shake my head and think how foolish these kings were. I mean, couldn’t they see how their decisions were such a detriment to themselves and those they were leading? But the more I processed these scenarios, the more apparent it became that people…are people…are people. In other words, the temptation, and our choice, to be the boss of us and operate on our own strength hasn’t changed at all, thousands of years later. Yes, it’s a sad picture, but also a good one because it provides us with a timely reminder that there are always consequences (for us, our family, our friends) when we choose to live apart from God.

What did this passage reveal about our human nature? What’s one thing you learned or noticed from these accounts about living apart from God? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog