Today’s reading: 2 Kings 15:32-38; 2 Chronicles 27:1-9

When Jotham comes to power in Judah he chooses to honor and follow God, unlike the previous series of ungodly leaders of Israel whom we read about yesterday in 2 Kings 15. What stood out to me about Jotham was how he paid attention to his father’s mistakes, and took corrective action as a result. He was intentional about living rightly for God as he led Judah. He repaired and beautified the gate and entrance to the temple, he built cities, forts and towers and was diligent in re-establishing Judah as a nation. Jotham’s example shows us how living purposefully for God strengthens our relationship with God, which in turn, helps and equips us to continue living rightly and doing good as we go forward.

Would you say that you are living purposefully for God? What does living intentionally for God on a day-to-day basis look like for you? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog