Today’s reading: Judges 9:7-21

I tried to put myself in Jotham’s shoes today. It’s hard to imagine the horrific slaying of his brothers and being the lone survivor of such a brutal attack. What I noticed was that Jotham didn’t simply tuck his tail between his legs and run silently away. Although he did have to leave for his own safety, before fleeing to Beer, he boldly spoke out against the sin and evil acts that had been committed. Even when fearing for his life, he confronted the wrongdoing of the men of Shechem, all the while trusting God to bring about justice. That took real courage.

What does Jotham’s example show about trusting God when life seems out of control? What’s one thing you saw, noticed and/or learned about responding to sinful behavior from this account? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog