Today’s reading: Luke 2:22-38

Shortly after Jesus’s birth, Joseph and Mary bring Jesus to the temple in Jerusalem to present their firstborn son to the Lord and offer sacrifices as required under Jewish Law. I can only imagine how Joseph and Mary were feeling at this early point in life as the new parents of baby Jesus. Although they were trusting and following God, I’m guessing they were wondering how life was going to progress as the parents of God’s son and what exactly that would look like.

So in this passage, God does what He does so often: He orchestrates a life-changing encounter. God intersects the lives of Simeon and Anna with Joseph, Mary and Jesus when they arrive at the temple. And through those interactions, God fulfills the promise He made to Simeon and also provides confirmation and encouragement to Anna and the young couple–Joseph and Mary.

What does this account reveal about God and His faithfulness to us? What’s one example where God provided confirmation and encouragement to you through another person? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog