Today’s reading: Genesis 48:1-22

Jacob’s life was not an easy one. Upon leaving—actually, being sent away from—his childhood home with Isaac and Rebekah, the life he experienced was filled with difficulty. He was no longer by his family and experienced hard work and change as well as times of uncertainty, loss, and grief. So for Jacob to proclaim to Joseph at the end of his life about God’s greatness, goodness, and how God had been so constant and faithful throughout the years is significant.

I was encouraged by what Jacob shared with Joseph. His words were a good reminder of how God uses every situation—ordinary experiences, new experiences, good times, difficult circumstances, sadness, sorrow, and loss—to move us forward and, in so doing, make us wiser about life here on earth and most importantly to grow us spiritually.

How were you encouraged by Jacob’s message to Joseph in Genesis 48? Take a few minutes today to think back over your life experiences. Identify at least one situation where you could see after the fact that God used it to make you a little wiser and move you forward spiritually. Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog