Today’s reading: Genesis 28:10-22

Almost immediately after mistreating and deceiving his father, Isaac and Rebekah send Jacob away to Rebekah’s family to help diffuse the volatile situation Jacob’s actions had created with Esau. When we reach Genesis 28:10-22 Jacob is alone in the desert with little to no supplies for comfort, and most likely feeling isolated, discouraged and downhearted. But what he’s about to discover is that he wasn’t alone at all because God was with him and watching over him all along. As he lays down and falls asleep (with a rock for his pillow), God uses a dream to show Jacob that He sees him, that He knows what’s taken place and what’s going on, that He is in control of the situation and that in spite of Jacob’s shortcomings, God has not and will not abandon him. It’s a huge encouragement to Jacob who responds by submitting his life to following after God and giving back to Him.

How have you experienced God’s presence, encouragement and support in and through difficult times? How did you respond? What did you learn or notice about God from this account? Tami

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Source: Tami’s Blog