Today’s reading: Genesis 29:1-20

When Jacob reaches his final destination of Haron, he is able to locate Laban and his family fairly quickly. At this point, Jacob and Laban had never met. But once the family relationship is confirmed, Laban welcomes and invites Jacob to be part of his family, and Jacob reciprocates by working for his uncle. A win–win situation for both men.

The exchange between Jacob and Laban highlighted for me the importance and beauty of family (blood, adopted, through marriage or friendship), as well as the lifeline that family can be to us in times of difficulty.

How often do you think about the importance of family relationships? Do you actively work to maintain family connections? Would you take some time this week to reach out to your family (whatever your “family” looks like) and let them know that you care for and love them? Tami

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Source: Tami’s Blog