Today’s reading: Genesis 3:1-7

As I’ve gotten older (and wiser), I find that I am more tuned in and give more thought to things like temptation, Satan and sin. That being the case, I spent extra time scouring over Satan’s interaction with Eve in Genesis 3, looking for lessons that I can use to ward off Satan’s attacks and resist sinful temptations when they arise. I read the passage several times, writing down things I noticed about Satan, including the tactics he used with Eve that he will also use to pull me off course. Here are some of the things I noted.

  • Satan is proactive and engages Eve in conversation.
  • Satan asks Eve questions to continue to draw her into conversation.
  • Satan employs a condescending approach, which puts Eve on the defensive. His disrespectful tone encourages and invites her to question God.
  • Satan plants seeds of doubt by using half-truths to sway Eve’s thinking.
  • Satan fans the flame of Eve’s desire to feel powerful and important and to be in control.
  • Satan uses common and good things (food and its beautiful appearance) as a way to approach and then subtly attack Eve.

How often do you think about the tactics Satan uses to pull you off course? Why is this important? Which of Satan’s tactics (those you saw in Genesis 3 or others) are you most susceptible to, and why? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog