Today’s reading: Genesis 2:1-3

As we start into Genesis 2, we’re told that God finished His work and then rested. Rest—that’s almost a foreign concept in today’s world. Everywhere we turn it seems like the prevalent message is “do more” or that “life is short, so pack in as much as you can.” And I must admit, I’ve bought into that mindset entirely too much. I’m constantly telling people how busy I am and that my plate is so full. And if I’m honest, I overpack my days to the point that I rarely have time to just sit down in the evening and relax with my husband. I know it’s not healthy and I say things need to change, but the crazy routine almost always prevails.

When I was growing up, my parents were pretty good about resting on Sundays. We’d go to church, come home for a family dinner and then the remainder of the day was spent doing relaxing and refreshing activities like going to the lake for a swim, napping, riding my horse, going for a walk or taking a drive with my family through the countryside. It was precious time spent well.

Genesis 2:1-3 convicted me as I looked at it numerous times this week. God took time to rest and so should we! It’s not good for us to run (whatever run means for each of us) nonstop, 24/7. Our bodies and minds require rest, which means we need to make time to recharge and refresh. And when we do, it will put us in the best position to continue working well for God and as He intended.

What does rest look like for you? Are you (like me) in need of some rest today? If so, what step(s) will you take to get that needed rest? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog