Today’s reading: Genesis 21:8-21

Yesterday I wrote about God’s faithfulness and how important it is for us to look back and remember how God provided and watched over us when we encounter new hardships. Today as I read about Hagar and Ishmael, once again, the importance of remembering stood out to me.

This wasn’t the first time Hagar had been exiled to wander in the desert. The first time around, an angel of the Lord came to Hagar to let her know that God had heard her plea for help and to deliver the message that she was going to have a son who would have authority over his kinsman (see Gen. 16:10-12). And Hagar was moved by this encounter, calling “the name of the Lord who spoke to her, ‘You are a God of seeing'” (Gen. 16:13). Yet, when Hagar finds herself in a similar situation years later, she doesn’t seem to recall God’s prior and ongoing provision. Instead, she assumes the worst, expecting that she and Ishmael will die. Genesis 21:17 tells us that God heard Ishmael’s cry, and then again appears to Hagar. God immediately provides needed water, and then watches over and provides for Hagar and Ishmael as they live in the wilderness of Paran.

Is it your habit to regularly look back and remember what God has done in your life? Why is this important? Will you join me today in looking back to recall some specific circumstances where God provided and watched over you? Then, let’s pray and thank Him for His faithfulness. Tami

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Source: Tami’s Blog