Today’s reading: Acts 18:18-28

One of the things we’re called to do as Christ-followers is to come alongside other believers to encourage, to mentor, to offer counsel, to lend a helping hand. Priscilla and Aquila model this wonderfully in Acts 18. After traveling with Paul to Ephesus, they encounter a Jew named Apollos who was actively preaching Christ to the people. But Apollos’ preaching was limited in that he was only knowledgeable of John’s teaching about Jesus. So when Priscilla and Aquila hear Apollos, they take action. Verse 26 tells us, “they took [Apollos] aside and explained to him the way of God more accurately.”

I love the wise example we see from Priscilla and Aquila, and then from Apollos in his response. Apollos’ love and fervor for Jesus were evident, and his intent was honorable. So when Priscilla and Aquila realize that Apollos isn’t fully informed, and thus not appropriately equipped to teach about Jesus, they approach him–privately. They then lovingly proceed to correct, guide, encourage and teach him. Apollos willing receives their instruction and counsel, and as a result, is able to fully preach and teach about Jesus going forward.

Are you intentional about coming alongside other Christ-followers to offer support and encouragement as needed? Who is someone you can come alongside this week? On the flip side, how do you typically respond when someone reaches out to you to offer help, feedback and/or encouragement? What did you learn about the body of Christ working and growing together form this account? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog