Today’s reading: Joshua 23:1-16

With peace throughout the land and Joshua now well advanced in years, Joshua calls together all the elders, leaders, judges and officers of Israel to address and instruct them about following God. He reminds them of how they have seen and experienced God’s goodness, provision and protection. (“The LORD your God has fought for you against your enemies” (vs 4)). Next, he charges them (as he had done many times in the past) to be very careful to follow God’s Law, and to continue to hold tightly to and love God. He then concludes with a warning about the adversity and disaster that will come if the people turn away from God to follow the customs of the foreigners remaining within and around them.

Over the years, how have you observed or witnessed God’s goodness, provision and protection of the country where you live? How have you personally experienced His goodness? What’s one example of God “fighting for you”? What does Joshua’s repeated charge to Israel and its leaders “to be very careful to follow God’s Law” convey about our need to consistently be taking in God’s Word? Tami

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Source: Tami’s Blog