Today’s reading: Joshua 22:10-34

After receiving Joshua’s message, the eastern tribes set off for their homeland. Upon reaching the region of the Jordan, they build “a large and imposing altar” (vs. 10). When word of the altar reaches the western tribes, they get angry and rally together in preparation for war. Before engaging in warfare, however, a group of delegated leaders from the western tribes confront and question their relatives about their actions. They ask the eastern tribes, “How could you turn away from God and build an altar for yourselves?” and then remind them of how turning from God has been disastrous and harmed Israel in the past (vs. 15-20). The leaders of the eastern tribes are able to explain their actions and the intent behind them, which was not a turning from God. Rather the altar was an altar of witness to function as a reminder for generations to come.

How much thought have you given to the legacy you’re leaving for your family and those around you? Why is this important? How important is it to you, and especially the next generation, that you remember and give thanks for His past faithfulness and provision in your life? How are (or can) you help build a great generation that chases the presence, power and promises of God? What lesson(s) did you see or learn from this passage about resolving conflicts? Tami

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