Today’s reading: Ecclesiastes 12:1-8

Solomon instructs and encourages us about the importance of following God at all times, but especially in the days of our youth (and I’m not going to define what age range “youth” might be. LOL). You see, Solomon knows that in our younger years, our tendency will be to choose to follow our own way rather than being committed to following God’s instructions. That was certainly my experience. Although I was raised in a Christian home, when I went away to college and the strong influence of my parents was removed from my daily life, I faltered and ended up turning away from God. I wasn’t intentionally trying to be rebellious. In fact, I would even tell people I loved the Lord. But my love was limited to lip service at this point because my focus was on me and I had decided I was going to do my own thing–whatever I wanted. What’s so clear to me now that wasn’t then, was how inexperienced and naïve I was in my thinking. I thought I was so wise. I was sure I knew what was best for me. I thought I was invincible. I believed I could put things off because I had all the time in the world to serve God later. Foolish thinking that kept me from making the best use of my time for quite a number of years.

What’s your personal experience with following God? Are you making the best use of your time in serving Him (regardless of your age)? If not, what are some changes you need to make? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog