Today’s reading: Genesis 26:12-14

Isaac wasn’t perfect. Neither was his father, Abraham, before him. But God doesn’t ask us for perfection (which is unattainable this side of heaven, by the way). He asks us to obediently follow and serve Him. And when we do this, even though there will be bumps along the way (because, remember, we’re not perfect), God will shower His blessings on us in many different ways–watching over us, protecting and guiding us, giving us joy, providing for our needs.

I couldn’t help but smile as I read our three verses for today which show a God who loves us and doesn’t hold back forgiveness when we seek it. We aren’t privy to the details of the exchange between Isaac and God, but God forgave Isaac for lying about Rebekah, and the relationship between Isaac and God grew even stronger as a result.

What are some of the ways God has blessed you as you’ve followed him (bumps and all)? When you ask God for forgiveness, how does it impact you? How does it impact your relationship with God? Tami

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Source: Tami’s Blog