Today’s reading: Genesis 26:15-34

God blesses Isaac and Rebekah as they live in the country of Gerar. And as God continues to show Isaac favor, Isaac keeps his focus on following and serving God in and through all circumstances.

As I read Genesis 26:15-34, I was struck how the things of the world (money, power, possessions, conflict) didn’t seem to tempt or impact Isaac. He’s wealthy, but he isn’t consumed with seeking after and acquiring more money. He’s powerful, yet he isn’t power hungry. He’s treated unfairly by Abimelech asking him to leave, but he doesn’t lash out or seek any sort of revenge. He’s wronged by Abimelech’s men, yet instead of fighting back and creating tension over wells, he chooses to move on to another spot. Isaac’s actions and words in this passage put before us a picture of someone who has chosen to rely fully on God and because of this reliance, he is content to grow and thrive exactly where God has placed him. “Thank you, God, for the reminder that relying on You, no matter our circumstances, is always the best choice.”

How are you relying on God right now, in your current circumstances? What did you learn from this account about being content and thriving in your present situation? Tami

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Source: Tami’s Blog