Today’s reading: Genesis 40:1-23

One of the things I love about Joseph is his diligence to highlight and give God the glory when he was brought into the spotlight because of the things he was able to do. Joseph was a slave in a foreign country with its own religion and gods. Yet each time he was given the opportunity, he intentionally and specifically highlighted his God. It certainly would have been easier, and much safer, for Joseph to have simply interpreted the dreams of the baker, butcher and Pharaoh and then taken all the glory for himself. The opportunity to promote himself was undoubtedly present, but Joseph kept his eyes on God and didn’t entertain the temptation. He honored God by giving Him all the glory, and in so doing, was a witness to those around him.

How often do you think about the fact that God is the author and giver of all of your abilities and talents? Do you publically recognize Him for it? Why is this important? Think back over the past month or so. What’s one example where you’ve given God the glory for something you were able to do? Tami

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Source: Tami’s Blog