Today’s reading: Genesis 41:37-57

Joseph couldn’t have imagined, nor would he have chosen, the unusual, painful and lengthy path God used to move him from being his father’s favorite son in the land of Canaan to Pharaoh’s highest and most favored leader in Egypt.

The life story of Joseph is one of my favorites. Joseph’s example gives us lesson after lesson we can draw on and put into action in our own lives–but then, there’s what the storyline reveals about God. The thing that stands out most prominently to me is how God’s way of doing things is so different from ours. I was reminded, as I took in Genesis 39-41, of God’s sovereignty over all things, and the complexity and all–encompassing makeup of His master plan. Yet, at the same time, how God is acutely aware of every minute detail of our lives and orchestrates them to guide and move us, and draw us closer to Him.

More often than not, our limited human thinking prevents us from fully seeing and understanding what God is doing, largely because our focus tends to be on what’s happening in our lives and the immediate circumstances taking place around us. But the story of Joseph shows us, time and again, that in all circumstances we can rest assured that God has a perfect master plan, and that He is actively watching over, moving and guiding us for our ultimate good.

How has God worked in an unusual way to move you forward and bring about something good in your life? Are you trusting God in your present circumstances? How has reading Joseph’s story impacted your thinking about God and difficult life experiences? Tami

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Source: Tami’s Blog