Today’s reading: Psalm 72:1-20

In his old age, David writes a prayer for his up and coming son and the future king of Israel, Solomon. This prayer is full of wise instruction and really lays out before us a number of qualities of a godly leader. And if you don’t think you’re a leader, let me challenge your thinking on that. While I’m pretty sure most of us aren’t kings (LOL) and we may not hold a formal leadership position, we all have a powerful influence on the people around us. And, people who don’t yet know Christ are watching us. All that to say–many of the principles David prays that Solomon will follow, are good for us too. I was particularly drawn to verses 4 and 12-14 where David’s love for people shines through as he writes about helping those in need.

Is helping and caring for people who are in need a priority for you? Is there someone in your neighborhood, at work, at school, at church, who you can reach out and help this week? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog