Today’s reading: James 5:7-12

The Bible has shown me time and again, both with specific teaching and through examples, that God’s timing is perfect. Yet, waiting patiently for God to move or answer a request is one of my biggest areas of struggle, especially if I’m in the middle of a difficult situation. I want resolution quickly, and if that doesn’t happen, my thinking can turn to the negative in short order. If I’m not intentional about taking my thoughts captive, I head down the road of feeling depressed and doubting God, despite knowing that He is in control and has only good plans for me. So I’m thankful for James’ reminder of God’s love and compassion, and his encouragement to remain focused on God as I wait on His timing.

How can you be intentional about taking your thoughts captive for God today? Do you have any scripture verses that you turn to when you start feeling low? Do you pray and tell God that you’re struggling and need His help to stand strong? Do you reach out to Christian friends for support? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog