Today’s reading: Genesis 13:1-18

As Abram and Lot and their families move on from Egypt, God continues to guide, protect and show His favor to them. God has blessed each man with many possessions (flocks, herds, people, money, etc.) to the point that the time has come for Abram and Lot to separate in order to adequately take care of the people and things God has given each of them.

I love it when Biblical principles and teachings are portrayed through someone’s life example. And that’s precisely what I noticed as I considered Abram’s actions in Genesis 13. Numerous times Abram demonstrated instructions we’re given throughout the Bible (such as the verses in Proverbs and the teachings of Jesus, Paul, John, Peter and James found in the New Testament). Here are some of the examples I noticed:

  • Abram’s top priority was seeking after God.
  • Abram valued family.
  • Abram wasn’t fixated on or worried about his wealth.
  • Abram put the interests of his extended family before his individual interests.
  • Abram was intentional about avoiding conflict with his relatives.

What’s the most important lesson you learned or noticed from Abram’s example, and why? What does this chapter reveal about the importance of family as well as having and maintaining good relationships with those in our family tree? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog