Today’s reading: 2 Samuel 19:9-15

After Absalom’s death, the people are uncertain about how they should proceed, and they’re questioning if they should once again look to David as their king. The situation is certainly a tentative one for David, but he handles it wisely and well. Rather than letting his bruised ego and hurt feelings drive him to seek revenge or spew angry threats at those who had followed Absalom, David’s primary concern is for the greater good of Israel. Calm and humble in demeanor, his approach proves that David is seeking unity in order to bring the people of Israel back together.

Experiencing hurts and disappointment are unavoidable as we do life with other people. So we have a choice–we can either add to the hurts by responding in kind when someone hurts us, or we can be intentional about seeking out the greater good, whatever that may be for the specific situation.

What’s one thing you learned from David’s example about responding well to an emotionally charged or challenging situation? When you’ve been hurt, how does talking with God and spending time in His Word help you resist the urge to lash back? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog