Today’s reading: 2 Samuel 19:16-43

As David returns to Jerusalem, he encounters three people: Shimei, who cursed and disparaged David as he fled from Absalom; Jonathan’s son Mephibosheth, someone David loves like a son, but whom he believes has turned against him because of a false report; and Barzillai, the elderly man who helped and provided for David and his men as they fled.

As David interacts with each of these men, we again see a calm-mannered, level-headed approach. Here are a few things I noticed about David as he spoke with each man. First, and most importantly, he freely converses with these men, even two that seem to be his adversaries. Second, David lets each man speak freely and completely, and as they speak he actively listens to what each has to say. And lastly, after hearing from each man, he assesses and considers the information he’s just received and then draws on it to arrive at his response.

Do you find it difficult to extend forgiveness to others? Does the degree or severity of the offense impact your willingness to forgive? When someone offers you a helping hand, is it your practice to thank them after the fact? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog