Today’s reading: Judges 6:19-35

Have you ever been afraid to take action and do what God is impressing on your heart to do? I’ve found myself in this situation more than a few times over the years. And while I’d like to tell you that I’m always immediately obedient to God’s call, sometimes fear wins out and either it takes me a while to get moving or I don’t move forward at all. Here are a couple of examples of where fear has impeded (or can impede) my taking action for God: when God has challenged my husband and I to give more financially, which means letting go of money and possessions; when an opportunity has arisen on an airplane or when I’m out shopping to tell someone about Jesus but I don’t reach out to the person; or when I’ve chosen to remain silent instead of taking a stand on what I know is right because speaking the truth won’t be received well.

Fear often functions to hinder or cripple us when it comes to taking action, and it’s one of Satan’s greatest weapons to keep us from experiencing God’s best for us. But God doesn’t want us to fear. He wants us to trust Him in all things, and when we do, He will not abandon us. Every time I’ve chosen to push fear aside to actively respond to God’s prompting, God’s been right there with me, giving me the strength and courage to stand strong for Him. And each time I respond with obedience makes the next time a little bit easier.

What’s one example of how God has walked alongside you when you responded to His prompting by choosing to take action outside of your comfort zone? What encouraged most from what we’ve read of Gideon’s story thus far? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog