Today’s reading: John 11:17-44

When Jesus finally arrives in Bethany, Lazarus’s lifeless body has already been placed in the tomb and has been there four days. The family and community are in full grieving. Jesus first speaks with Martha and then Mary who both tell Him how if He had been there Lazarus would not have died. Twice in verses 33-38 we’re told that Jesus was “deeply moved” by the mourning taking place–so much so that Jesus also wept for Lazarus… even though He knew that in just a short time He was going to bring his friend back to life.

Rather than simply swooping in and fixing the situation (which He ultimately did), Jesus chose to experience this sad and hard situation with Mary and Martha. He lovingly came alongside them, listened to their concerns, offered consoling words and grieved with them before going to the tomb where He acknowledged God the Father for His greatness and goodness and then called Lazarus back to life.

There are grieving and hurting people all around us, and oftentimes the holidays have a way of magnifying those hurts. So who will you show the love of Jesus to this holiday season? Who do you know that could use a listening ear, an encouraging card, an invite to coffee or lunch, a phone call or text letting them know they are on your mind and being prayed for, a helping hand around the house or yard or an invitation to join you for Christmas dinner? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog