Today’s reading: Genesis 18:1-8

Abraham was intent on living his life in a way that honored and pleased God, and this mindset motivated and permeated everything he did. As we come to Genesis 18, we find Abraham at the entrance of his tent looking out over his land, eager for any opportunity to serve that God would put before him that day. So when Abraham sees three men coming toward his home, he immediately takes action, running (at the ripe old age of 99) to greet them and offer food, rest and accommodations. Both he and Sarah willingly and joyfully opened their home, extended kindness and shared what they had with these men. I love this example and the reminder it provides that God is pleased when we are kind, generous and offer help to those around us.

Who do you know that has a kind and charitable heart for people? What sorts of things do they do? When was the last time you invited someone into your home–for a meal, for coffee, to get to know them better? Do you look for opportunities to be hospitable and show God’s love to others? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog