Today’s reading: Acts 8:4-8

After Stephen is murdered and Saul aggressively targets and leads the persecution charge against those who have chosen to follow Christ, as a matter of safety, the early church community disperses across the countryside. So a “win” for Saul and the Jewish leadership, right? Not quite–actually not at all! The persecution causing the disbanding of this community actually served to increase the spread of the Gospel message, both in pace and reach.

Reading about this scattering and about the incredible impact Philip had on the city of Samaria, highlighted for me the importance of being a proclaimer of Christ wherever God may place us. We all have a “Samaria”–maybe it’s at work, at school, within your family, your neighborhood, your home town, even an online community group. Wherever we are, God calls us be faithful in telling others about salvation through Christ.

How are you (or can you be) a modern day Philip? Acts 8:6 tells us that the people of Samaria “paid attention” to what Philip was saying. So who do you know that needs to hear how Jesus loves them, and will you talk with them this week? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog