Today’s reading: Acts 8:9-25

Philip’s public preaching about salvation and his performing of miracles in Jesus’ name in the city of Samaria result in many people receiving Christ–even Simon the magician. Simon was a sorcerer who had great influence among the people of Samaria. He performed magic and what looked like miracles, but with the power of evil, not with the power of God. Yet when Simon hears the Gospel message and witnesses true miracles, the power of God’s truth pierces his heart and he turns from his wicked ways to receive Christ.

What a tremendous reminder that no one, regardless of their behavior or what they’ve done in their past, is too far gone for God. God’s offer of salvation extends to ALL. God’s truth is powerful and capable of reaching even the darkest of hearts.

How has your life been impacted by God’s truth and receiving Christ as your Savior? Who are some of the “Simons” (people that we think are so bad or too far gone to turn their lives over to God) in your life? Will you expose them to God’s truth by telling them about Jesus and salvation? Your actions could impact a life for eternity. Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog