Today’s reading: 2 Samuel 1:12-32

As we come to the second half of 2 Samuel 2, Abner initiates a confrontation between his army and David’s army that’s being led by Joab. The preliminary challenge results in the senseless death of all twenty-four men involved. Next thing you know, the situation turns into a full out battle with David’s army thoroughly defeating the warriors led by Abner.

As Abner and his men retreat from the battle, Joab’s brother Asahel sets his sights on Abner, following after him. It seems that as a continuation of the battle he either wants to take Abner prisoner or kill him. Aware of Asahel’s pursuit, Abner calls out to Asahel and warns him not to continue after him. Asahel ignores the warning. Abner tries again, this time even telling Asahel “don’t make me kill you.” But Asahel is fixated on Abner and refuses to listen. What happens next is tragic–Abner, a skilled and seasoned warrior, kills Asahel in self-defense. Yet another senseless death on a sad day for Israel.

Have you ever been so fixated and focused on something that you missed warning signs of something dangerous and/or took action that wasn’t the wisest? What’s one lesson you learned from Asahel’s rash example? What does this passage show about taking action without seeking direction and guidance from God? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog