Today’s reading: 2 Samuel 3: 1-11

When Abner crosses the line through an inappropriate relationship with Rizpah, Ish-bosheth confronts him about his wrongful behavior. Although Abner clearly knows his actions have crossed the line, he refuses to acknowledge his wrongdoing. Instead, he responds indignantly, flaunting his importance and power in full-blown disrespect of Ish-bosheth.

I was reminded by Abner’s example of how our human tendency is to respond defensively when confronted about sin. We want to justify our behavior so we get angry, we act offended, we use sarcasm, we throw what power we have into the mix, we try to deflect the conversation in another direction, we may even try to take advantage of our relationship with the person confronting us–all poor responses driven by our sinful human nature.

There are no perfect people, which means we will never be sinless this side of heaven. But the good news is–if we acknowledge our sinful thoughts, behaviors and actions and confess them to God, He is eager to forgive us. And the sooner we reach this point–of seeking forgiveness for our sin (whatever that sin is)–the better.

What’s one message or point that God impressed on your heart as you read and considered the exchange between Ish-bosheth and Abner? What does this account show us about the importance of being prepared when we choose to confront someone about sin? What does it reveal about our need to be open-minded and to listen when someone confronts us? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog