Today’s reading: Acts 24:22-27

After hearing and observing Paul, Felix is intrigued. The way Paul defends himself draws him in. So rather than deciding Paul’s case like the Jewish leaders had hoped, Felix postpones the matter and then proceeds to dialogue with Paul about faith in Christ–for a period of two years! What an unlikely scenario and odd turn of events, which I doubt Paul was anticipating. Yet, Paul embraces his situation, he rolls with it, diligently making the most of the unique opportunity it put before him. One can only wonder the impact Paul’s time with Felix had, not only on Felix and his family, but also on interactions Felix had with various people and numerous decisions he made in his position in the Roman government.

We won’t always understand why God has placed us in a particular situation, at a particular time, at a particular place, with a particular person. But what I see clearly from Paul is that regardless of where we find ourselves and even if we don’t fully understand our situation, it’s still our job to represent and proclaim Christ, knowing that what’s we’re doing and what’s taking place is part of God’s plan.

When you find yourself in a circumstance or situation you don’t understand, do you look at it as a God-given opportunity? Would you say your tendency is to “roll with it” and make the most of every situation, spiritually speaking? How are you making (or how can you make) the most of your current situation? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog