Today’s reading: Acts 25:1-12

After two years of incarceration under Felix, a new governor, Festus, arrives and in short order arranges to hear Paul’s case. Paul had to be thinking, “Finally.” But instead of doing what is right and quickly resolving Paul’s case in his favor, Festus tries to push Paul’s case back to Jerusalem for a trial before the Jews. Rather than accept this request which Paul knows will likely end in his death at the hands of the angry Jews, Paul appeals his case to Caesar. This wise decision, however, serves to prolong his undeserved imprisonment.

Paul’s Roman imprisonment up to and through Acts 25, brought the word PATIENCE to my mind. Almost from the beginning, Paul’s Roman prison experience provided lessons in patience for all parties involved–Paul who shouldn’t have been imprisoned in the first place, Paul’s friends who were hoping at every step of the way that he would be released, the Jews who were forced to wait over and over again in their efforts against Paul.

Paul’s prison experience provided me with a lesson on patience too. You see, I’ve been going through what seems to me like an extremely long season of waiting, and if I’m honest, more often than not, I’ve chosen to wrestle with God over it. Today as I considered Paul’s situation and then his example, it’s as if I could hear God saying to me–be patient, trust Me, and continue to be obedient in this season of waiting in which I’ve placed you. “Thank you, God, for how You guide, direct and encourage us through Your Word!”

How has God spoken to you as you’ve read through Acts? What’s one specific thought or message God has impressed on your heart through Paul’s experiences and examples? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog