Today’s reading: John 5:18-47

Jesus’s healing of the man at the pool of Bethesda didn’t sit well with the Jewish leaders. In fact, all of Jesus’s actions and what He was saying and teaching angered them to the point that they were seeking to kill him. So shortly after this particular healing incident, they confront Jesus in their anger.

Jesus doesn’t shrink back or allow this powerful group to intimidate Him at all. Instead He responds mightily as he very clearly and specifically lays out a logical, understandable and evidence-supported case of exactly who He is–the Son of God who came to earth offering the gift of salvation to anyone who believes in Him.

While Jesus’s entire response was powerful, I found the final portion especially moving. Jesus is very direct with these men and makes sure they know that they’re not saved by knowing the scriptures or following the teaching of Moses. Rather, the ONLY way to spend eternity in the presence of God is through acknowledging Jesus as the Son of God and receiving Him as Savior.

What did you learn about Jesus from this passage? What stood out to you most about Jesus, and why? How might you draw on Jesus’ words to tell and explain who Jesus is and why that’s important to someone who doesn’t yet have a relationship with Christ? Tami

Source: Tami’s Blog