Today’s reading: Genesis 19:1-29

This time as I read through Genesis 19, I focused on Lot. Lot was a righteous person who followed God, but he was alone in his conviction. He was one man surrounded by hundreds, or more likely, thousands of God-snubbing, wicked people–not a good situation to be in. It had to be an uncomfortable environment for Lot, yet he continued to live in Sodom with his family. And whether he realized it or not, his decision to reside in Sodom and to daily be a part of that sinful environment, had a desensitizing, unhealthy impact on his thinking. I say that because of Lot’s actions and responses throughout chapter 19. As soon as the three men arrive, he’s on edge because he knows the people of the city are wicked. When the situation takes a turn for the worse, Lot desperately tries to protect the three angelic guests, even offering his daughters to appease the mob. What?!?! But what reveals the negative impact sin had had on Lot’s thinking the most, is how even when he knows that the destruction of Sodom is imminent, “he lingered” so that the angels had to seize him, his wife and two daughters by the hand to remove them from the city.

What does this account show about the danger of sin–choosing to surround ourselves with non-believing friends; hanging out in places and participating in activities that aren’t pleasing to God; filling our minds with content (internet, tv programs, music) that we know isn’t God-honoring? How is the sin you encounter in your environment each day impacting your thoughts and actions? Tami

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Source: Tami’s Blog