Today’s reading: Genesis 18:16-33

The close personal relationship between Abraham and God once again stood out to me as I took in the details and happenings of Genesis 19. After visiting Abraham and Sarah to let them know that His promise of a son was about to happen, God shares with Abraham His intentions of destroying Sodom because of the great sin that had become the norm for the inhabitants of this city. Abraham’s heart is heavy after receiving this news from God, and he is distressed about what this news means for Lot and his family and also the people of Sodom. So as the men turn to leave for Sodom, Abraham starts a conversation with God, where he asks God to consider sparing the city for the sake of the upright people who are residing there.

What I find so interesting about this conversation is how Abraham, after receiving a positive response to his initial request, revises his appeal five more times. That’s a lot! Yet, God patiently listens and continues to agree to each modified request. I am grateful that God included this exchange with Abraham in the Bible because it reveals so much about the personal and loving nature of God and His desire for us to be in relationship with Him. It also provides a good example of how we can freely talk with God and bring our requests to him.

How would you describe your relationship and interactions with God? Are you comfortable talking openly with God about your needs, wishes and dreams? Do you talk and make requests about concerns you have for things taking place around you and in the lives of other people? How is your relationship with God impacted when you talk openly about life with Him?

Source: Tami’s Blog